Art of Learning: Math & Physics Tutoring


Art of Learning: Math & Physics Tutoring ~ Richmond RVA Virginia & Washington DC

Hello! So you want to learn mathematics? Perhaps you are also interested in learning Physics? Well, here is the very best tutor and instructor of Math with many years of building A-grade top best students.

Art of Learning, Math and Physics!

No long forms to fill out, no run-around, no push-and-shove, no tricks, no games, no evil and absolutely no contracts!
Just step into the room and we start working in a very easy and gentle manner.
And you are free to leave whenever you please.
You see… Learning Math does not have to hurt.
…Learning Math does not have to hurt if the instructor truly understands what he or she is talking about!

Most students at the twelth grade are only able to reason at about the level of the sixth grade. Very sad indeed!
The school system is riddled with incredible problems, from poor management to politics and endless tricks… The same is true with tutoring clubs because they are operated by business people whose focus is to dive into your purse.  You cannot afford to allow the school system to damage your abilities.  Do not let the school system short-change you or your loved one!

All we ask of you is:
Please apply yourself throughout the course, as we keep track of your performance during each exam.  We are not interested in letter grades or doing homeworks for you.
Quite on the contrary, we are interested in developing the whole, well-rounded person who can reason properly and thereby navigate the challenges of life.
Mathematics is the most reliable art to help you or your loved one skip over hurdles, barriers and blockages in your progress.  That is the real, genuine, solid & certain, bullet-proof method to success!


Art of Learning, Math and Physics;

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